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Low-Code Solutions

Developing efficient, user-friendly digital solutions for your business, including websites, online stores and LMS systems.

Data Solutions

Data Mining and Machine Learning methods to transform business data into valuable information which enables making better decisions.

IT consultations

Helping you find your way through the IT Forest. Project and product management, consultations.


Data in your business

Is there anything you dream to know about your business?
How to use your data more efficient?
What knowledge would help to solve the key problem in your business?
How to use your data to predict future?

Data Solutions

Data Analytics solutions services

Exploratory data analysis

Data collection from multiple sources, cleaning and preparing for analysis, exploratory data analysis.

Reports and Dashboards

Dashboard is a visual display of aggregated and combined data used to explore, monitor and make efficient decisions. Web based custom developed reports and dashboards allow the highest flexibility in response to your needs.

AI/ML modeling

Machine Learning (ML) models enables prediction, classification and finding hidden patterns in data.

Data Analytics

Key features and benefits

Data-driven decisions

Data enabled decision making.

Bias reduction

Bias reduction in decision making.


New insights bringing better understanding.


Prediction and prevention.

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